Turnkey Lite

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Get Part to Print Quickly With Turnkey-Lite

Discover Turnkey-Lite.  It could be the perfect solution for unique manufacturing needs.  A quicker and less costly version of our process-optimized turnkey program, Turnkey-Lite delivers a process-ready solution that will manufacture the part you require to your specifications, immediately after installation.

How Turnkey Lite Works:


  • Appoint a key person to help guide the process through the procurement, implementation and operation phase of the purchase
  • Provide a drawing and pertinent specifications to REMCO at the beginning of the project
  • Assume responsibility for part quality and process specifications


The Robert E. Morris Company:

  • Delivers your machine(s) complete with all options and tools functioning properly prior to shipment
  • Demonstrates the process to you
  • Guarantees that you’ll be able to cut a part within days of installation completion
  • Provides the training necessary for you to operate and support the delivered system


Your Benefits:

  • Low Risk!  With REMCO as your partner.
  • Speed! The Turnkey-Lite process takes less time for most companies than if they engineered it themselves
  • Lower cost!  Turnkey-Lite is less expensive than engineering the process yourself
  • Faster payback!  You’ll get up and running fast with our accomplished engineering and training support
  • Expertise!  REMCO has the engineering expertise to create, plan and implement your engineered solution