Trumpf TruMark

Trumpf logoTRUMPF TruMark® Laser Marking Systems and Specialty Lasers provide you with a complete range of beam sources, components, and systems for laser marking.  TRUMPF marking lasers are used in many different applications: metals, plastics, ceramics, organic materials, etc. They mark apples, ICs, artificial bones, pacemakers, engrave glass, solar cells, and wafers-- almost everything.

  • Infrared (1064nm) Nd-YAG Fundamental Mode Lasers
  • Infrared (1064nm)Nd-YVO4 Fundamental Mode Lasers
  • Frequency Doubled (532nm) And Tripled (355nm) Fundamental Mode Lasers
  • Infrared (1062nm) Fiber Laser Marking System
  • Dual Head System for All Wave Lengths in Fundamental Mode
  • Workstations
  • Software

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