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CMTSE Stands for Excellence in Machine Tool Salesm

The Certified Machine Tool Sales Engineer (CMTSE) Program is the only nationally recognized program that acknowledges individuals who possess the skills and knowledge necessary to perform effectively as machine tool application consultants.

Calibration Seminar Information

The Robert E. Morris Company and Morris TriState hosted a machine calibration and preventative maintenance seminar at their Windsor, Connecticut headquarters on February 8th, 2010.  Interested parties may click here for more information.

The Benefits of Vertical Turning

Traditionally used for the manufacture of valves, rings, and other large parts 30" in diameter or larger, a Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) is a cost-effective solution for the manufacture of parts as small as 6" in diameter. The higher upfront cost of a VTL as compared to a horizontal lathe is often offset by substantial long-term savings: VTLs reduce cycle times and minimize floor space requirements while dramatically increasing tool life by working with gravity, not against it.

New Tooling Concepts for Composite Parts

From Boeing 787s to new Navy destroyers, fiber-reinforced composites are gaining in use. As production scales up, more-efficient manufacturing remains a focus. One key to that efficiency is tooling for composites.

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