Customer Success Stories

The Robert E. Morris Company is fortunate to work with diverse New England customers whose businesses reflect the Yankee ingenuity, advanced technological skills, and longevity associated with the region. 

Every customer's manufacturing needs and challenges are different; in our daily business we regularly face jobs that stretch technology and engineering.  In the end, all parties typically gain new knowledge and that's the advantage of working in an ever changing industry like ours.  It is never "business as usual" and that's the way we like it. 

We are pleased to share with you inspiring stories that relate customer successes and, we are proud to have had the opportunities to work with countless inspirational customers and exciting projects since our inception in 1941. 

Moscow Mills

Minus 0.0002” Wins the Work
This shop’s successful guidelines for achieving tolerances less than two “tenths” brings in challenging jobs

Stowe, Vermont – home to postcard peaks, darling dairies, rural roads, and…“mach 1” machining. The speed-of-sound analogy stems from a comment Moscow Mills Manufacturing Services founder Anderson Leveille said recently: “Going from holding tolerances of thousandths to ten-thousandths of an inch is like going from normal flight to breaking and exceeding the sound barrier. There’s a different set of rules that apply.” Leveille and his crackerjack team of 15 live by the ultra precision rulebook every day they are in the 10,000 sq. ft. (and expanding) shop.

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Poplar Hill Machine, Inc.

Young Job Shop Stakes Its Place in the World

Poplar Hill Machine, Inc.
If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming your own boss, you will be inspired by the story of Michael Kurkulonis, President of Poplar Hill Machine, Inc.  His young job shop is experiencing remarkable success in the midst of a challenging economy.  His business strategy is clear: use the most advanced machine tools and automation to manufacture high- tech parts for specialized industries.

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